Monday, 30 May 2011


Photobooks! What a fantastic idea. I'm not surprised by their popularity. In a age of digital photography what a perfect way to publish all those memorable snapshots, document amazing travel experiences, being creative with art photography....
I've recently started putting together a photobook of my 2007 trip to Europe through (Ok, not really that recently - I started it a few months ago - it's a work in progress, I've change the format one too many times, I'm a well-rehersed procrastinator, I originally thought is was going to be a small project - maybe 50 pages, but that has expanded to about 120 and it's still growing - I forgot just how many photos I took that year...Eeeek!). Check out the website -  it has some amazing examples of photobooks which people have created. Anyway, 'my photobook' has me reminiscing about this fantastic trip I took in 2007 which comprised of a period of study in Paris, visits to family in Belgium and Belgrade, attending an art school in the hills of Tuscany, a tour of Eastern Europe, a summer in Croatia, as well as bits and pieces in between.
I guess the idea of a blog is usually to write about something 'as it's happening', but I think I might just break away from this constructed idea a bit (I'm always diverging from various pre-conceived 'paths') and will be writing a bit about past events and experiences - things I remember, things that made an impression on me, things that inspired...
To start with, I'm hoping to write about my time in Paris and give an insight into a few places the average visitor to Paris often misses - Paris is such an amazing, interesting and unusual city, which you cannot completely appreciate in just a short visit. People tend to do the usual tourist route - the Eiffle Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre...and often miss out on the little things which made Paris memorable to me.
I also anticipate to add some of the many photos I took during my few months in Paris, which will hopefully appear in my completed photobook.

 View towards Sacre Coeur from the Centre Georges Pompidou

 View towards La Tour Eiffle from the Centre Georges Pompidou

View towards the Cathedrale de Notre Dame from the Centre Georges Pompidou
Photos from my personal collection

'Paris' by Camille

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